• Franchise Sales Spokane

    What are the indicators that franchising is the appropriate choice? Our team of franchise advisors can assist you in achieving your franchise aspirations by offering guidance, details, and assistance. Our knowledge and proficiency have allowed us to establish partnerships with top franchise businesses in North America. Our goal is to assist you in identifying a franchise that aligns with your abilities, interests, passions, experience, and financial requirements.

    Our Franchise Sales Process

    The franchise sales process should be customized to suit your brand and market position. The strength of your brand, investment, and complexity determine the timing of the application request, candidate interaction with franchisees, and disclosure provision. The following are the primary stages of a franchise sales process. Our actual process is more detailed, but reach out to us for that.



    This entails the initial phone calls where you and the candidate share preliminary information and establish some degree of interest in working together.



    During this stage, you will provide your candidate with in-depth information about the franchise, such as a day-in-the-life perspective, investments, potential returns, industry trends, etc. You will also learn more about your candidate through well-crafted open-ended questions, an application, and a combination of phone calls, web presentations, and face-to-face meetings.



    This stage is where your candidate will verify what you have shared by conducting research, conversing with franchisees, visiting locations, and reviewing your disclosure document. Meanwhile, you will confirm what you have been told by obtaining an application (if not done already), checking references, and conducting credit and criminal background checks.



    This is the final step that often involves a corporate discovery day, an executive interview, and a final closing call.