Business Broker - DJ Talarico


    The Lead Broker at Transworld Business Advisors of Spokane. With over 12 years of executive leadership experience in financials, budgeting, forecasting, team management, HR, payroll and overall company strategy. Previous experience includes 24 years of business-to-business sales, sales management, account management, product marketing and advertising planning. A passion for helping his clients deliver and achieve excellence. In the business of helping good people turn their professional dreams into financial and business realities. Since 1979 Transworld Business Advisors have been serving main-street and middle-market entrepreneurs buy and sell businesses. Additionally, we can also help a business turn their concept into a franchise. I've been a business owner of a $2 million transportation company for 12 years who knows the challenges small business owners face on a daily basis.


    Business Broker Spokane WA